Appliance repair pricing
Our commitment is to offer an affordable and adaptable approach through our services. We ensure that our service prices are optimal, on average 10% to 15% lower than the rates specified in the Major Appliance Job Rate Guide (MASPG). We consistently determine the most advantageous price for our customers.
How Does It Work?

Our Prices Depend on the Major Appliance Job Rate Guide

We use “The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide®” (MASPG),

The Appliance Job Rate Guide® is a pricing guide to help appliance service companies determine a legitimate price for a repair. These “Job Rates” often called “Flat Rates” take many factors into consideration to determine the cost of the job. The primary elements are parts, time & labor, equipment, predictable and unpredictable circumstances surrounding specific jobs, inventory management, education/training, office staff, advertising, insurance, travel time to and from the customer's home, and all service vehicle expenses.

The National Price Guide has taken this concept and made it easy for thousands of service companies to make a fair and reasonable profit while instilling trust and integrity in their customers. By having this Guide right in front of the customer (and yes you should show the Guide job price listed to the customer) your customer sees consistent job rate pricing in a professional book or online. This eliminates guessing, and inconsistency, and instills in the customer a professional confidence in your service, and not feel like you are just making up prices.

How will this help us?

Using the Price Guide helps your company in a number of ways: First, the Appliance PriceGuide® averages the amount of time a service call should take to complete by taking into consideration all the various levels of technician skill and experience found in the field today. So if you or your technicians are experienced, efficient, and can make a repair quickly, you and your technicians are not penalized like you would be when charging by the hour. On the other side of the coin, if your technicians are inexperienced, the customer isn’t paying for their inexperience on a job that takes longer than it should.

Next, you build confidence and integrity in your pricing by having the consistency of a job rate found in an industry-standard, professionally produced book. This allows you to show your customer what the job is going to cost before you begin the repair. The customer can plainly see what the national job rate is for their needed repair. This provides a simple, efficient method for the technicians to price their jobs. Finally, the Price Guide takes ALL the factors of running an appliance service company into consideration by charging a professional rate for professional service and Avoiding Customer Complaints

How much do you charge per hour? How much is the part?

... Questions such as "What is your hourly rate?" and "What's the cost of the part?" are thereby averted by opened prices.

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FREE Service call with any repair
If you choose to use our repair services, the amount of diagnosis fee to be deducted from the total cost of the repair. Diagnosis fee includes costs of visiting your place and verifying the cause of your appliance’s breakdown.
Minimum labor fee for any appliances $145
Regular Brands Diagnostic Cost
Any next additional appliance diagnostic +$45
  • All estimates are valid for 30 days
  • We do not surcharge you for night and weekends works
  • We do not charge any hidden fees
  • All scopes of performing works are rated in accordance with Major Appliance Service National Price Guide, the standardized guide on service rates. Nevertheless, following our cost-effective policy we keep our repair prices 10%-15% lower than those recommended by the guide mentioned above.


M S.
Jun 7
I have used West Bay Appliances several times now and have only good things to say about them. They are professional, knowledgeable and very reasonable....

Judith Nelson
May 23
Excellent, professional service. I had a great experience. I recommend Andrew highly!!

Edward Silva
May 3
Great job..they were on time and fixed yhe problem..

linda brown
Apr 24
Appt. Scheduled in a timely manner also arrived on time. Had some difficulty figuring out the problem but continued to problem solve until the appliance was working. Also suggested an appliance cleaner and using liquid soap instead of powder. Emailed link regarding the cleaner. Very thorough.

Michael Mason
Apr 23
We had a leak coming from our refrigerator and when we called Lowes, they sent us West Bay Appliance Repair and their great technician Andrew. Andrew called ahead and showed up on time and diagnosed the problem. He then got the part within 24 hours and came back at 5 o’clock on a Friday to finish installing the part. Andrew was courteous, on time, efficient, clean and knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. We highly recommend Andrew and West Bay Appliance Repair.

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